Treatment of Atrial Flutter (TP)

Treatment of Atrial Flutter (TP)

In atrial flutter (AT), attempts to reduce the frequency of ventricular contractions with medications often fail, so if possible, treatment should be aimed at restoring and maintaining sinus rhythm. Atrial flutter catheter ablation

In typical atrial flutter (TP), catheter ablation can be used to interrupt the re-Entry circuit in the right atrium (PP) in order to stop and prevent arrhythmia. Radiofrequency energy is directed to the narrowest part of the re-Entry chain – to the caval-tricuspid isthmus (isthmus), which is located between the back of the three-fold valve and the inferior vena cava.

The percentage of successful interventions is very high, which makes the method more preferable compared to antiarrhythmic therapy and cardioversion: the frequency of recurrences of arrhythmia is lower, and the need for re-hospitalization arises less frequently. Thus, RFA is a first-line treatment for atrial flutter (TP).

Before ablation for atrial flutter (TP), it is necessary to begin anticoagulant therapy, which is crucial, especially if the patient has a high risk of systemic embolism in accordance with the CHADS2 scale. In some cases, AF may develop AF. On the other hand, in some patients, in addition to atrial flutter (TL), episodes of AF are observed, while ablation performed for atrial flutter (TF) is sometimes able to eliminate AF.

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