Heart rhythm disorders

Heart rhythm disorders

Heart rhythm disorders

The mechanisms of the arrhythmia are:

• Ectopic focus of arousal:
– increase automatism
– the appearance of a pathological focus of automatism
– trigger activity

• Conduction disorders: re-entry mechanism (re-entry of excitation waves) Causes of heart rhythm disturbances are diverse and complex:

• myocardial ischemia (CHD)
• infection (myocarditis)
• cardiomyopathy (dilated, hypertrophic)
• electrolyte imbalance (hypo-and hyperkalemia)
• endocrine diseases (hypo-and hyperthyroidism)
• pulmonary heart
• mechanical factors (congenital and acquired heart defects, trauma)
• intoxication (cardiac glycosides, alcohol, nicotine, antiarrhythmic drugs)
• mitral valve prolapse
• mental disorders (depression)

Therapy for cardiac arrhythmias will be discussed separately below. Most of the ECG with a rhythm disturbance listed here was recorded at a speed of movement of a paper tape of 25 mm / s. It is indicated on the ECG itself and in the explanatory notes to the figures. For a better understanding of ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation, ECG was recorded at a speed of 50 mm / s.

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