Causes of Atrial Flutter

Causes of Atrial Flutter

Atrial flutter (TP) has the same causes as AF, and sometimes can be caused by antiarrhythmic drugs when prescribed for the treatment of AF. It can also be due to atrial scarring after surgery (for example, after the atrial septal defect is removed).

It is now known that atrial flutter (TP) can often be idiopathic. There are reports of a higher prevalence of TA among people whose sports are associated with prolonged heavy physical exertion.

Atypical atrial flutter (TP), the source of which is located in the LP, sometimes appears after the ablation procedure of the LP, performed on AF. Prevalence. Atrial flutter (TP) is less common than AF. According to recent observational studies, the frequency of annual detection is 88 cases per 100,000 population. As with AF, TP is more common in the elderly, but it can also occur in young people.

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